Welcome Home: Where Nature's Most Creative Creatures Dwell

Welcome Home: Where Nature's Most Creative Creatures Dwell

Lisa Mundorff


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In Lisa Mundorff's Welcome Home, young readers will delight in the realistic and literal interpretations of where some of our most favorite animals live.

Humans love to put their feet up at home after a long day--whether they're in a house, apartment, or cabin. Well, even animals have their own particular homes. Otters kick it on a couch, lions retreat to their dens, and pigeons (the city dwellers that they are) call lofts their home.

Where we live is a part of us.


Lisa Mundorff:
Lisa Mundorff grew up in the Pacific Northwest, in a neighborhood and town that look an awful lot like those inhabited by the prairie dogs in Welcome Home. She feels lucky to have been raised by such a supportive community and is extra grateful for her family, who have given her a home in every sense of the word. Welcome Home is her picture book debut as an author-illustrator. She also created illustrations for A Small Blue Whale, written by Beth Ferry.